We can clean almost any type of curtains. They will need to be assessed beforehand to catch any potential problems.

Curtains may be unlined, lined, or inter-lined. Some will also have bonded linings. All hooks should be removed and the curtains will be checked for fading, damage and shrinkage.

Sun Damage. Where the UV in sunlight has weakened and/or faded the fabric, there is an increased likelihood of the material failing during the cleaning process.

Pole curtains. The rings used in these are pressed into place. Sometimes the makers fail to allow sufficient material under the rings when doing this. The result is that the rings fully or partly release the fabric. This is a manufacturing fault that we cannot foresee or accept responsibility for.

“F” clean curtains. Customers must accept full responsibility for the cleaning process. Where there is no label in the curtains, the customer will be asked to accept responsibility for any colour loss and/or shrinkage.